Smarter Business Security

Engineered for small and medium sized business owners, Smarter Business Security combines intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution.

Powering the Smart Business

Connect your security, lights, locks, thermostats, video and more, for seamless automation and control.

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Access Control
Easily manage employee permissions for all the access points at your business. Quickly add or delete users, restrict entry to sensitive areas, and receive notifications when these areas have been accessed.
Exterior Video Camera
Watch live-streaming and recorded HD video from the app. You can view multiple locations in one dashboard and easily jump right to a specific clip to see exactly what you’re looking for.
Smart Locks
Fully integrated commercial-grade locks help keep offices, stock rooms, and delivery doors secure. Easily assign unique lock codes for employees, or remotely lock and unlock doors for staff and deliveries at any time.
Rear Video Camera
Get extra visibility for secluded or hard to monitor areas, such as the rear entrance.
Light Control
Automate your lights so that the proper areas of your business are well-lit during business hours and security lights are always on after hours.
Smart Thermostat
Manage energy costs and keep your business comfortable. With automated schedules and rules, your thermostat can adjust to the proper temperature in each zone throughout the day.
Dome Video Camera
Get 360-degree visibility in the heavy traffic areas of the business. With 24/7 recording and cloud hosting, you can have confidence that your video footage will be safely stored and accessible when you need it.
Door Sensor
Know whenever a sensitive area of the business – such as an office – is accessed, and know if there’s activity when there shouldn’t be.
Image Sensor
The image sensor snaps a picture when motion is detected - such as when someone enters the office or moves behind a desk – and sends it to you.
Temp Sensor
Place temperature sensors in any area of the business where you need to optimize the temperature. This can also help regulate the temperature in areas that are otherwise prone to being too hot or cold.

Commercial Security That Goes the Extra Mile

Did someone access the inventory room after hours? Was that a false alarm or a real one? Was the alarm turned on tonight? With real-time notifications, remote control and auto-arming, you’ll know what’s happening at your business, and know it’s secure, no matter where you are.


No More Worrying, Even If You or Your Employees Forget

Easily set up your system to arm automatically at a certain time each day or on a schedule that works with your business hours.

Keep an Eye From Anywhere

See all the important activity at your business, even when you’re on the go. With single and multi-site viewing, live-streaming, recorded video and real-time notifications, it’s easy to see what’s happening when you can’t be there

False Alarm?

Don’t drive to your business in the middle of the night. lets you easily cancel a false alarm or verify a real one from anywhere.

What Businesses Are Saying

Save Energy, Save Money

Don’t waste money heating or cooling your business when no one is there. A smart thermostat helps you save automatically, even if someone forgets to turn off the AC or heating when they’re closing up for the day.


Our Systems Go Beyond Security

Our system automatically sets the thermostat back when the alarm system is armed and everyone has left.

Automatically Reduce Energy Waste

Connecting lights, locks and thermostats to the security system ensures that your business is at a comfortable temperature when it’s open and energy efficient when it’s closed.

Stay in Control Even When You’re Not There

With on-site thermostat lock-out, employees can’t crank up the air conditioning or blast the heat outside of a temperature range you define.

Fully Integrated Access Control

From storefronts to entire office buildings, secure your business against unauthorized access with Smarter Access Control. Now you can easily track and manage access to your properties through a user-friendly website and app.


Intuitive User Interface

Whether you have a small team or hundreds of employees, you can easily manage multiple access plans, remotely lock or unlock doors and monitor activity at your business.

Easy Upgrade integrates with leading hardware providers making it easy to get Smarter Access Control without replacing existing locks and card readers or installing expensive new on-site hardware.

Fully Supported

Installation and support from’s professional local Service Providers ensures dependable service and a great experience for you and your business.

Seamlessly Integrated

Efficiently manage a full suite of powerful business solutions including intrusion, video, and energy management, through one easy to use app.

Business Insights

Get visibility into activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more.

Easy to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.


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Why choose is the leading technology provider of Smart Business Security services. Our award winning technology is used in over 5 million properties to protect businesses and homes. We are proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and work continually to make businesses safer, smarter and more efficient. has completely changed how security systems work today. Even when the system is disarmed, can send business owners/managers valuable information about their property to increase awareness and productivity.

Combining intrusion, video surveillance, access control, and energy management into a single system, makes it easy to manage all aspects of your business security from an intuitive mobile app, from anywhere.

How do I get a system? does not sell systems directly. We focus on building the best, most reliable technology. Our services are sold through Authorized Service Providers: professional security Service Providers who install, monitor and support the system. We have a large network of providers including local experts so you can choose the best service provider for you. Click here to find a Service Provider in your area.

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What does a system cost? is sold as a part of a smart business security system and is included in your security service. Security is typically sold with a low up-front equipment cost and an ongoing monthly service fee similar to a business Internet connection, depending on the size of your business and the devices and services you choose to include.

Talk with Authorized Service Providers in your area to discuss your options and find the solution that works best for you.

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